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Omaha Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc. (OOIC) was comprised of a network of

comprehensive employment training programs across the nation. The first OIC was founded in

Philadelphia in 1964. From its beginning in an abandoned jailhouse, OIC has grew into an

organization with many OIC affiliates, both nationally and internationally. It served the

disadvantage and under skilled people, regardless of race.


For over 30 years, Omaha OIC had been one of the largest manpower-

training sub-contractors for the Federally Funded Training Programs in the City of Omaha.

Plagued by a lack of funding, community support, and legal issues, Omaha OIC was dissolved in

2016. The absence of the organization has created a ripple of need throughout Omaha County.


The services OOIC provided are vital to the North Omaha community and we want their philosophy to continue. Because of the need of training and job readiness in our community we have formed a new non-profit organization, OIC of Omaha to revitalize OOIC’s mission and philosophy.


OIC of Omaha will offer high quality skill development opportunities that enable economically disadvantaged people of North Omaha and surrounding areas to become productive, more fulfilled members of society.


The OIC of Omaha is committed to creating and sustaining education programs and social services that enhance one’s ability to thrive.


Our vision is to break impoverished cycles and build generational wealth for disadvantaged individuals and their families.

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